Pilates ECI Certification

The ECI Pilates Course is a comprehensive training based on scientific examinations, granting graduates an international license to give Pilates classes on a mat. The certification program incorporates 130 exercises on all levels of mastery. Each of the exercises in question is analyzed in detail with regard to motor system functioning, exercise execution technique, and the usage of proper modifications on every mastery level. The Pilates Core classes scheme is based on the performance of proper movement patters (in terms of tension, length, and muscle strength) with the focus being put predominantly on the lumbar and pelvic complex stabilization. Individual exercises are introduced gradually in a proper order not to disrupt basic motor memory banks.The ECI Pilates course guarantees high qualifications of the instructor, awareness of clients’ limitations, and the ability to prepare a personalized, healthy training session.Training program, as well as a high knowledge level to be obtained during the Pilates Instructor course – 1st and 2nd level mat-based training, specialization: "CORE" (working with high-risk groups) make our school one of world leaders in the field.

Pilates course 1st and 2nd level mat-based training, specialization: "CORE" incorporates:

1. Pilates-oriented exercises on all mastery levels. 130 exercises - 8 modules
2. Theoretical lectures combined with practical classes
3. Individual consultations with each and every training participant
4. Additional online consultations before the exam
5. Demonstration classes organized by Anna Ścisłowska, MA Timeframe for the Pilates Training is equal to 72 clock hours (96 class periods) and additional online consultations with the supervisor.
6. More than 130 matwork exercises are covered or referenced during the course – all are fully detailed in the Exercise Manual that students receive.

What does distinguish us?

Sedentary lifestyle and the effect it has in our bodies require a properly designed training pattern. It is estimated that by 2017, illnesses and health complications connected with sedentary lifestyle will have been normal (it must be pointed out at this point that even now, every 1 in 4 doctor’s leaves issued in Europe is strictly connected with spine disorders). Therefore, an individual customer assessment and a properly executed training are keys that will be presented by a professional instructor during the course. You will master the aforementioned skills at the very beginning of the Pilates course 1st and 2nd level Mat-based training (profile: "CORE" - working with high-risk groups) Did you know that: one in every two individuals taking part in our training requires a professional and detailed analysis focused on motor system dysfunctions? That is why properly organized and performed training is of utmost importance. Our former pupils are fully aware of what tools (exercises) to use and in what order to take advantage of them to help their clients instead of harming them.

Students’ choice

The training program is intensive in nature, but it does not exclude individuals willing to start from basics and are not qualified with regard to medical or sports-oriented abilities. Remarkable experience of the tutors makes it possible to present even most difficult issues in the easiest way possible. Our school has been appreciated by fitness instructors and physiotherapists. Within last 7 years, 590 individuals completed our course, including 290 physiotherapists, as well as 400 fitness instructors and personal trainers.

About the school

The Pilates Instructor Course – Pilates Course, 1st and 2nd level mat-based training makes it possible to master the Pilates Method even while starting from scratch. Thanks to the introduction of the Pilates Method and Pilates Core teaching paradigms, we are the very first school in Poland meeting international standards. The training facilitates understanding and taking advantage of professional exercises on all mastery levels, as well as working with high-risk groups - "Exercising after childbirth", "Healthy Spine", "Senior". Anna Ścisłowska, MA, the founder of BBPilates school, and an www.stylnazdrowie.pl expert, is the leading teacher of the school. Within last 7 years, over 600 Pilates teachers have graduated from the educational unit in question. They have been sharing their knowledge with others all over Europe.

Leading teacher

Anna Ścisłowska, MA Anna Ścisłowska, MA graduated from the University School of Physical Education in Warsaw. She is a fitness instructor and the Pilates Method Teacher. Furthermore, she co-founded the BBPilates school . She has been organizing lectures all over the country, has written numerous Pilates-related publication, and is the authoress of Pilates Video – Online series allowing viewers to exercise at home by themselves. Anna Ścisłowska, MA highlights and promotes the importance of Pilates training as a form of a motor rehabilitation. According to her, it is the key to maintaining a proper condition of the motor system. Within last 7 years, over 600 Pilates teachers have graduated from the educational unit in question. They have been sharing their knowledge with others all over Europe.


  • Course Time:6 days - 56 hours (lectures and practical)
  • Course price: 1190£ *790£
  • The term of course: 25 - 30 September 2017
  • Places: 8
  • Information: pilateseci@gmail.com
  • *Sign up 30 days before the course and you wil get a special price of.790£

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The ECI Pilates course guarantees high qualifications of the instructor, awareness of clients’ limitations, and the ability to prepare a personalized, healthy training session.



Hubert Legiędź

I had enrolled, I trained, and I have passed! The Pilates course, mat-based training level 1 and 2 is just perfect for all the individuals willing to start their adventure with Pilates. The course was intensive, but thanks to that I gained vast knowledge that was presented to me in a professional and approachable way. I think that the proportion between theory and practice was just perfect. The tutors made their best to make knowledge accessible even for beginners. However, if you happen to have been studying anatomy, it is worth refreshing muscles, joints, movement patterns, etc. Even though I had had some experiences with various types of physical activities, I approached the course with a clean slate attitude. It worked best for me. It must be said that Plates should not be compared to one’s previous experiences immediately. I personally think that interpretations or considerations should come after practicing Pilates for some time – either individually or with a group. Best regards.

Marta Pelińska

to Body Balanced Pilates School - BB Pilates training – PURE PERFECTION! I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all individuals willing to obtain some more knowledge in the field. The concept was presented in a sensible and practical way, rather than in the form of uninspiring theoretical material. All the necessary hints were presented to me as well. Even though the material was so vast that one could think that it was impossible to master it, I found order, sense, and transparency in it. It was an intense training – a real "brain fitness" Emoticon smile Miss Ania was a great, charismatic tutor with passion to share her knowledge with others. Her experience and mastery of the subject were brilliant! The training was useful not only for the purpose of organizing trainings but also to learn more about one’s body and one as a person Emoticon smile If you hesitate whether or not to enroll, I can tell you that – IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Best wishes to all the graduates and, obviously, for Miss Ania.

Grzegorz Cichuta

Fantastic classes, maximal effort, and maximal gains. Professionally prepared lectures and exercise demonstrations, numerous useful tips and hints. A significantly different take on Pilates....................(as Miss Ania Ś used to say). We recommend both the course and the school. Małgosia and Grzesiu.

Izabella Borkowska

The training organized by the BB Pilates School and Miss Anna Ścisłowska was a tremendous experience and helped me become more aware of the power of my body. I have been using the Pilates technique while working with dancers. I can wholeheartedly recommend the school, Izabella Borkowska



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